Why Do You Need Soap To Clean?

Maybe you've never really thought about how soap really works to clean. The basic question is why do we need soap to get something clean?

As you may know, water by itself isn't great for cleaning. Water tends to bead up on surfaces instead of spreading itself out. Imagine rinsing your car or black quartz countertop without using any kind of soap. They might look shiny and clean while they are wet, but when dried, you can still see a dirty film that is left behind. As you can see, it really isn't clean.

How soap works to clean is that soap molecules spread the water out and grab hold of the dirt - allowing the water to rinse the dirt away while it is trapped in the little bubbles of soap. They all rinse off together and the dirt goes along. What's left is a truly clean surface - in the instance of our soap, it's your skin that will be perfectly clean afterward.

Happy washing gentlemen.

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