Our products are handcrafted with premium natural ingredients. Our most common include:

Organic olive oil ingredient in soap moisturizing soap

 Olive oil: Produces a lush and moisturizing bar of soap with a mild, smooth and gentle lather. It delivers a clean feel and helps to relieve dry skin.  

rich lather organic and natural coconut oil in handmade soaps

 Coconut oil: While very light, coconut oil delivers an incredibly rich lather and creates those mammoth bubbles. It controls dryness by hydrating the skin - minimizing moisture lost. 

Shea butter for great moisturizer in soap

Shea butter: Incredibly moisturizing. Dense with natural vitamins and fatty acids, shea butter prevents drying and aids in the skin’s natural collagen production - protecting and nourishing the skin. Frequently used to treat dry skin and maintain its natural oils.

Organic Palm oil for lather and natural oils

Organic palm oil: A medium weight oil, palm oil is an additional lathering agent and helps to restore the skins natural oils. It is sourced from independent farms committed to sustainable agricultural practices - and not engaged in deforestation.

Vitamins for healthy skin, best bar of soap for men

Sunflower oil: Loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids, sunflower oil produces a lather that is extremely beneficial to the skin. It is light and clean, leaving your skin feeling fine.

Natural exfoliating healthy soap

Natural exfoliants: For fresh skin, get rid of the old dead skin by gently exfoliating. We exfoliate the natural way, with ingredients like ground oats and peppermint leaves.

Natural essential oils in best smelling soap

Essential oils/fragrance: Almost all our soaps are scented with essential oils. Extracted from plants through steam or water, these concentrated oils carry the scent and properties of the original plant. A few of our soaps use a synthetic fragrance to boost scents. In the instance of any fragrance use, it is always mild - and completely skin-safe.

Men's Natural Soap

Lye: Is also known as sodium hydroxide and is a common ingredient in all handmade soap. When combined with the other ingredients, a reaction occurs and transforms it into soap. The lye is removed through this process and there is none in the final product.

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