Bearsville Soap handcrafted cold process soaps for men
. . . they call that soap?

Most are chemical concoctions that strip away dirt - and everything else with it.

Our bars are bona fide: made the old-school way through a cold-process, using ingredients grown in nature, so natural hydration stays intact. It feels better because it IS better.

Real goods. No B.S.

Do things right or don't bother. That's our POV. From our materials to our methods, we take no shortcuts.

Our no-nonsense shampoo bars are super hydrating, for hair that stays healthy and inspires envy. 

Go big and grab our Big Bear Box - the ultimate sampler featuring eight of our most popular bars.


All the invigoration of a winter skinny dip. None of the agony.

Vitamin-enriched moisturizers quench skin and seal in serious moisture.

Outdoor-inspired scents are the next best thing to being there.

Put your face first with our premium beard oils and beard balms.


Hey, life’s short. Why not sample all the soaps? Our subscription bundles make it easy.
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I grabbed the Big Bear Box. All great suds - without any duds.

Alejandro S.
Los Angeles, CA

Definitely can feel the difference in quality while I happily lather up in the shower. Scent trails along on me afterward.

men's soap review Bearsville Soap Company
Hunter T.
Austin, TX

Such an upgrade from the soap I had been using. My skin feels better, I (and my entire bathroom) smell so much better. Awesome addition to my morning.

bearsville soap user review
Andre P.
Atlanta, GA

I smell f*cking awesome.

user review for bearsville soap company
Justin S.
Minneapolis, MN

Very impressed with these soaps. They smell great with essential oils, versus those neon body washes. Keeps me feeling clean, even when I'm busting a sweat.

best reviewed natural soap for men
Jason T.
Dallas, TX
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