So....what exactly is soap?

For something that is used so often, many people don't know what soap actually is. Well, one thing soap ISN'T is the stuff you find at a supermarket, most commercial bar "soap" is actually detergent.

To make soap, you mix various ingredients with a base compound. In the instance of solid bars of soap, the base compound used is lye.

In our process, melted oils are blended together with lye via water. When all these ingredients are mixed together, their molecules bang together until they bind to each other and causes a reaction called saponification - and boom - this is when it becomes soap.

Our soap is made through a cold process. This doesn't mean that everything is cool during the process, but rather no additional heat is needed once the ingredients are mixed. The combination of the heat from melted oils and the heat from the lye water is all that is needed to make the soap.

After mixing them together, it starts to thickens to a stage called trace, and the soap is quickly poured into molds. It is covered and left undisturbed for a day or two. After, it is removed from the mold and is cut into bars. It then must cure for about three or four weeks in a cool and dry space. This time allows the bar to harden and for all the lye to become neutralized. 

And that - quite simply - is how our soap is made.


Men's Natural Soap - Selection of bars

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