Cedar Scrub

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The next best thing to actual bark.

If your outdoor shower was surrounded by forest and fields, this is what you’d smell when you scrub.

A hard-working, highly exfoliating bar, this one captures the scent of freshly cut wood thanks to the earthy essential oils of cedarwood, balsam and pine.

Extra pumice makes it a great option if you dig a deeper clean.

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One handcrafted exfoliating soap bar

Approximately 5 oz.

Made in the USA in small batches

Crafted old-school style in a traditional, cold process method

No harsh chemicals, GMOs or parabens

Cruelty-free & vegan

Olive oil


Coconut oil


Organic and sustainable palm oil


Shea Butter

Essential oils of cedarwood, balsam, pine, citrone, and cade


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