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Woodland Musk Bundle

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Bundle up with Woodland Musk.

Amber and spice meet with subtle notes of tobacco for a scent that’s confident and well rounded - one part woodsy, one part cigar bar, entirely alluring.

  • These soap bars feature fresh goat's milk and shea butter which combine for the richest and most moisturizing lather you’ll find in a soap.
  • Our daily moisturizing lotion will nourish your skin with premium, vitamin-enriched ingredients. Lightweight and easily absorbed, it will leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth.


woodland musk pack of soaps for men

Contains four Woodland Musk scented products:

  • Three bars of Woodland Musk soap
  • One bottle of Woodland Musk daily moisturizer

Made in the USA

Handcrafted old-school style in the USA

No harsh chemicals, GMOs or parabens

Cruelty-free & vegan

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