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Sleigh Ride Pack
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Sleigh Ride Pack


Over the river and through the woods.

Winter wonderland, but make it wild.

Our favorite holiday-inspired outdoor scents conjure up frosty pine forests, crisp mountain air, untouched snow, and fresh cut wood just waiting for the fire. Basically, it’s the season in a box.

holiday pack of soaps

Four full-size soap bars are included:

Arctic Frost: This limited bar is so crisp, you can practically see your breath. Essential oil of peppermint infuses this bar with that cool, menthol-y scent that makes you feel fresher than an untouched ski run. A little lavender and vanilla add some inviting depth, while shea butter creates an addictively rich lather.

Forest Fir: Start your day with the freshest scent in the forest. This organic soap uses essential oils distilled from fir needles for their unmistakable scentWoodsy, fresh, earthy - and 100% organic, with rich shea butter for a luxe lather, this bar is hands down one of our most popular.

Peppermint Tea Tree: Bold and refreshing with that cooling kick of peppermint. This one taps tea tree oil for its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, while creating a scent that’s both calming and energizing. Made of entirely organic ingredients, we added ground peppermint leaves as a natural exfoliant.

Sandalwood & Myrrh: Considered sacred in some parts of the world, we started with classic sandalwood—the trees of which retain their fragrance for decades. Since we were already doing the sacred thing, we tossed in some frankincense and myrrh for a woodsy, mild scent that’s surprisingly sophisticated with just a hint of spice.