Outdoorsman Gift Set

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Make 'em forget they're indoors.

A set for those who prefer to be outside, always. This collection of handcrafted items will instantly transport them to their natural outdoor habitat.

outdoor scented soaps for men

 The Outdoorsman gift set includes:

 Four full-size soap bars:

  • Smoke & Clove
  • Forest Fir
  • Sandalwood & Myrrh
  • Campfire Charcoal

Tobacco Leaf & Bergamot candle

It’s the earth right after a rain, fresh cut wildflowers and the orange peel off your rocks glass. This nuanced scent layers tobacco, ylang and bergamot to create a unique ambience that’s a little intriguing and undeniably inviting.

Peppermint & Herbs shampoo bar

Peppermint, tea tree, and herbs including rosemary and lavender combine to create a purifying shampoo bar that brings just the right amount of tingle when you lather up.

Gentle, natural ingredients make this bar a no-fuss multitasker that leaves your hair clean, soft and ready to go. Perfect for all hair types.

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