The Fresh Man 4-Pack

When simply smelling straight-up fresh is the most important thing, these four soaps deliver extra clean scents to reenergize your senses: Fresh Citrus, Peppermint Tea Tea, Spearmint Eucalyptus and Peppermint Charcoal.

Four full size 5-oz bars are included:

Natural fresh citrus soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanyFresh Citrus: Lemongrass and herbs combine to create a crisp aroma, with a distinct citrus feel. Lavender and cedar wood finish this clean and masculine offering. Conjures an early morning mountain hike.

peppermint tea tree soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanyPeppermint Tea Tree: Prominent peppermint notes with a mixture of tea tree promise a cool and  exhilarating shower. Ground peppermint leaves are added as a natural exfoliant. 

Fresh scent spearmint and eucalyptus soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanySpearmint Eucalyptus: Refreshing peppermint is blended with clarifying eucalyptus for a decidedly clean, bold and aromatic experience.

peppermint charcoal soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanyPeppermint Charcoal: Cleanse and clarify. Activated charcoal cleanses your skin while essential oils of peppermint and tea tree deliver a cool sensation. You’ll feel clean and your senses will be refreshed.

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