Sandalwood & Myrrh

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Inspired by the wise men.

Considered sacred in some parts of the world, we started with classic sandalwood - the trees of which retain their fragrance for decades.

Since we were already doing the sacred thing, we tossed in some frankincense and myrrh for a woodsy, mild scent that’s surprisingly sophisticated with just a hint of spice.

sandalwood myrrh frankincense soap for men

One handcrafted soap bar

Approximately 5 oz.

Made in the USA in small batches

Crafted old-school style in a traditional, cold process method

No harsh chemicals, GMOs or parabens

Cruelty-free & vegan

Olive Oil


Coconut oil


Organic sustainable palm oil

Shea butter

Rosehip powder

Natural fragrance

Essential oils of myrrh, frankincense, balsam, patchouli and sage

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