holiday gift soaps for men by bearsville soap company
holiday soap for men by bearsville soap company
The Holiday 4-Pack
The Holiday 4-Pack
The Holiday 4-Pack

The Holiday 4-Pack


Celebrate the best of the season with the Holiday 4-Pack. The combination of these soaps will make even the toughest of scrooges smell merry and bright: Arctic Frost Holiday Edition, Peppermint Tea Tree, Forest Fir and Campfire Charcoal.

Four full size 5-oz soaps included:

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Arctic Frost (Limited Holiday Edition): You'll enjoy the sensation of lathering up with this refreshingly cool and brisk scent - an all-natural blend of mint, vanilla and lavender. Ground oatmeal acts as a natural exfoliant. With shea butter for the richest lather.


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Peppermint Tea Tree: Bold and refreshing. Prominent peppermint gives a cool and calming effect on the body. It is combined with tea tree for its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Ground peppermint acts as a natural exfoliant.


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Forest Fir: Start your day with the freshest scent in the forest. This organic soap has the distinct scent of a fir tree, with essential oils distilled from fresh fir needles.Woodsy, fresh, and earthy. Shea butter delivers a rich lather.


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Campfire Charcoal: With a combination of cedarwood, cade, and fir needle essential oils - all naturally distilled from the best elements of the forest - this soap captures the incredible scent of a woodland campfire. Rich in moisture with the cleansing power of charcoal.