Custom 4-Pack Delivery

Custom 4-Pack Delivery


Save time and simplify your life. Sign up for our delivery service and receive automatic shipments of premium natural soaps.

Each shipment contains four bars of our premium natural soaps. You select which soaps you'd like to receive - and how often - and we do all the rest. There is zero commitment and it is completely flexible:

  • Cancel whenever you'd like.
  • You can change the timing of deliveries - or skip an order - as needed.
  • Add new or different soaps at any time; change the combination as often as you want.
  • Each shipment contains four bars. For example, if you choose an 8 week delivery interval, four bars will be sent every 8 weeks.
  • For individual users, we recommend an 8 week delivery interval. For households with more people, select a shorter interval such as 4 or 6 weeks.
Simply select:
  • How often you'd like to receive your soaps.
  • Which four soaps you'd like to try first.

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