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Citrus Grove 4-Pack


Meet the newest member of the pack: Citrus Grove.

This 4-Pack will brighten your shower and awaken your senses naturally - with citrus-scented soaps that are brimming with essential oils of orange, lemongrass and more.

Step into the shower - and out to the Citrus Grove.

Four full-size soap bars are included:

Cedarwood & Citrus: The healing qualities of cedarwood date back centuries. This blend has prominent citrus scents of lemongrass and orange while calming you with cedarwood, petitgrain, and sage.

Orange & Spearmint: Wake up with a refreshing combination of two contrasting scents. Sweet orange and crisp spearmint are blended together for an unexpected scent that is energizing and sophisticated.

Refreshing Citrus Beer: This soap has our favorite ingredient - beer, which has natural properties to improve the condition of your skin and hair. It will leave you feeling refreshed with a crisp citrus scent. Finely ground oats act as a natural exfoliant.

Fresh Citrus & Herbs: This soap has a bright citrus scent, balanced by herbaceous notes. Lemongrass delivers a fresh aroma, balanced with earthier notes of lavender, cedarwood, and geranium.