Natural ingredients in our soap

What's in your soap?

Our soaps are made using natural, raw materials such as plant essential oils and herbs, with lots of natural moisturizers.

The most common ingredients include olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, organic sustainable palm oil, sunflower oil and plant essential oils. For more information, check out our Ingredients section.

natural soap is better than commercial soap

Is your soap different than commercial soap?

Yes - very. Our soaps are made through a traditional cold process that retains the rich, natural moisture in soap, which is called glycerin. Glycerin is highly valued in consumer products for its moisturizing qualities.

Many commercial soap makers remove this natural moisturizer from their soaps...then put it into other products (like lotions or balms) to sell an additional product to moisturize. Ironically, the soap had it in the first place.

Commercial soap, with harsh chemicals and lacking moisturizing qualities, leaves skin susceptible to cracking and flaking. And nobody wants to be a flake.

Cruelty free, no testing on animals

Do you test your product on animals?

No, we love our fellow forest inhabitants and our products are cruelty free. You - and they - can rest easy at night.

Soap for hair and face

Can I use your soap on my face and hair?

Yes. While not made specifically for this purpose, with our soap's natural cleansers and moisturizers, it is perfectly fine to use on your handsome face as well as your hair.

man soap large bar size

How big is each bar?

We don't skimp when we cut the soap into individual bars. While each soap is unique - since they are handcrafted - every bar is a nice full size at approximately 3.25" wide x 2.5" high x 1" thick.

Fast Shipping to customers

How do you ship?

All orders ship via USPS First Class/Priority Mail with tracking. When product is shipped, a shipping confirmation will be sent and tracking information will be available. If you need any kind of special delivery, just let us know.

All domestic orders of $50 or more qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees for all international orders are calculated at checkout.

Soap subscription for men icon

Can I get automatic deliveries?

Yes - simply sign up for a subscription. You pick which soaps you want and how often to receive them. And bonus, you'll save 10%.

There is no commitment - cancel whenever you want. You can add different soaps, or even skip an order - it's totally flexible.

Get automated with a Subscription service.

make changes to your soap subscription

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Simply log into your account (or create a new one) on the Customer Login Page and select "Manage Subscription." You can change your product selections, timing of deliveries, contact information - or anything else - there.

how do you take care of natural soap symbol

How do I take care of natural handcrafted soap?

Our natural soaps do require some (minimal) attention versus commercial soaps.

Handmade soaps have a high glycerin content which attracts water, which makes our soap so great. In between uses, allow the soap to dry. The best way is to use a soap dish that allows drainage, like one that is slotted. Don’t leave your soap standing in water, or flat on a wet surface - it will get messy and break down quickly.

For the same reason, store any unused soaps in a dry and cool place until you use them.

And - since they don't have any preservatives or chemicals - use them within one year for best results.

How long does natural soap last

How long does your soap last?

It all depends on how often - and how long - you tend to use it. Generally, we have found that with typical use of showering once a day, each bar lasts somewhere between two to three weeks. Again, be sure to let it dry between uses - that will help to extend its life.

soap by bearsville soap company

Do you send out samples?

To reduce costs and minimize waste, we focus on our standard full-size bars and do not send out samples. We offer free returns just in case you don't like a scent, which is detailed below.

best men's soap satisfaction guarantee

Can I return something if I'm not happy?

Absolutely. While we are confident you will love our soaps, we believe that you should be satisfied. We stand behind our products 100% and offer a simple, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.

Don't like the scent? Expected something different? No problem. We accept unused items in their original packaging within 30 days of your purchase. We will even pay for the postage to send them back, at no cost to you.

To initiate a return - and to learn more, see our No Risk Returns page.

Bearsville Soap Company bear logo satisfaction guarantee

If you have any other questions - or if you're just curious about how the weather is in Bearsville - please contact us!