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Ingredient-wise, real is our whole deal. Meaning, if you can’t pick it, grow it, dig it or sow it, it’s probably not in our wheelhouse.

Our soaps are made of raw, natural materials, with powerhouse plant-based elements aplenty. The most common include olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, organic sustainable palm oil, sunflower oil, essential oils and herbs. You can scope out our ingredients section for the full rundown.

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Is your soap different than the soap I buy at the drug store?

Yes - very.

Commercial brands essentially make detergent for your body. We make old-school, bona fide, “they-don’t-make-it-like-that-anymore” soap - using a traditional cold process that retains the rich, natural moisture, called glycerin. Glycerin is the gold of the soap world, highly prized for its hydrating, nourishing properties.

Knowing that, most commercial brands actually strip the glycerin out of their soap, only to add it to lotions, balms and moisturizing creams - effectively creating a need for an additional product after the chemicals and enzymes in their “soap” dries out your skin.

To put it another way, we make real soap. Theirs is basically a bad cover band.

Do you test your product on animals?

Hell no, we keep critters out of it.

Our products are 100% cruelty-free. In fact, the only creatures we test ‘em on are friends and family. So you and Fluffy can rest easy.

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What happens if a bear eats a bar of my soap?

Nothing will happen to the bear - on account of those natural ingredients we’ve been going on about (see question 1). You’ll probably feel like a doofus though. Also, your life may be in danger if there’s a bear in your bathroom. In which case, get out of the house and stop worrying about the bear.

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Can I use your soap on my face and hair?

Sure, whatever floats your boat.

With gentle, natural ingredients and innate moisturizing properties, our soap can definitely go head to toe, for all you get-in-and-get-out types.

That said, if you prefer specialized products, we’ve got beard and hair shampoo bars with formulas precisely for that purpose - crafted with the same care and quality as our soaps.

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How big is each bar?

None of this dainty stuff - when it comes to soap, we like a hearty slab.

Since our bars are handcrafted, each soap is unique, but they all come in around 5oz with dimensions measuring about 3.25" wide x 2.5" high x 1" thick.

Is Bearsville a real place?


And Bearsville, NY is every bit as ‘wood-splitting and whiskey drinking’ as the name implies. Located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, we’re constantly drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty and wildlife surrounding us in our hometown and HQ. Swing by for a campfire sometime.

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Can you help me figure out what I want to do with my life?


That’s not really an area we specialize in, but the shower is a great place to think, and a great smelling soap never hurt, when it comes to having an epiphany.

How do you get me the goods?

When your package ships out, a confirmation and tracking info gets sent your way.

All domestic orders of $50 or more qualify for free shipping. Fees for international orders are calculated at check out.

How do I change up my subscription?

Just log in to your account and click "Manage Subscription." All your info is right there.

Keep things fresh and swap out your product selections, update your shipping address, change the timing of your deliveries...whatever you need, it’s accessible and easy.

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Any suggestions on how to tell a friend he smells?

Might we suggest one of our multi-packs, perhaps accompanied by a note addressing your friend’s stench? Be sure to use nice calligraphy. Everything seems more polite written in calligraphy.

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How do I treat my soap right?

Our natural, handcrafted goods do best with a touch of TLC, considering the high glycerin content in our soap, which attracts water. (Not incidentally, that’s also what makes them so hydrating).

If you leave ‘em sitting around in your after-shower puddles, or store bars in your rainforest of a bathroom, they’ll break down quickly. So basically, keep them as cool and dry as you can. Once you start using a bar of soap, extend its life by letting it dry out between uses, on something that allows for drainage. We happen to have designed an ideal soap lift for just such a purpose, if you’re inclined.

Because we don’t add preservatives or chemicals to our soaps, they’re probably not the best pick for stocking your survivalist bunker and whatnot. Use them within a year or so for best results.

How long does your soap last?

Depends. How clean are you?

On average, if you shower once a day, each bar lasts about 2 to 3 weeks. If you’ve got a heavy scrubbing habit, you’ll power through our soap a little quicker — and if you’re all about that #unshoweredlife you’ll get an extra couple weeks out of it. Either way, remember to let it dry out between uses to maximize your soap’s mileage.

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Do you send out samples?

We don’t do samples.

Our aim is always to minimize cost and waste — so we focus on our standard full-size bars. We do, however, want you to feel great about our goods, which is why we offer free returns. More on that in the next Q.

Can I send something back if I'm not happy?


We work hard to make sure these soaps are the best you can buy, bar none. (And pun intended).

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, you can send back unused items in their original packaging within 30 days of your purchase. We’ll even spring for the return postage, so you don’t have to spend a dime. So get adventurous and experiment with a new scent. Our no-risk return policy means satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get more details or initiate a return here.


There's no corporate conglomerate lurking behind us. We're a small, privately-owned company with a lean, mean hardworkin' team.

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