information about bearsville soap company
Bearsville NY is located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains - an expansive and untamed region with powerful rivers, burning campfires and mountain views.
We're guys that appreciate nature, and were tired of neon body washes and fake soaps in overpriced packaging. Driven by our desire to find a naturally better bar of soap, we started making it ourselves. 
About Bearsville Soap Company
Handmade through a cold process method that dates back centuries, our soap retains its natural benefits - including glycerin which is highly valued for its moisturizing qualities.

Commercial soap makers remove the glycerin and put it in lotions or balms to sell those. To compensate for what their soap lacks, they frankenstein it with harsh chemicals that dry skin out.
We think authentic soap in its original state is simply better soap. (And personally, we don't want Frankenstein's monster in the shower with us.)
About Us Bearsville Soap Company
Our simple curiosity led us to a naturally superior bar of soap. And, sensing a greater need for a better natural men's soap, we set forth to make it available to other similarly-minded guys.
Visit us in Bearsville and lather up.
About Bearsville Soap Company