Outdoorsman Pack

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Forget you’re indoors.

For all those who prefer to be outside, always.

This combo pack, featuring Forest Fir, Sandalwood & Myrrh, Campfire Charcoal, and Smoke & Clove soaps, is like being transported to your natural outdoor habitat, every time you scrub up.

outdoor scented soaps for men

Four full-size soaps included:

Forest Fir: Start your day with the freshest scent in the forest. This organic soap uses essential oils distilled from fir needles for their unmistakable scent. Woodsy, fresh and earthy and 100% organic, with rich shea butter for a luxe lather, this bar is hands down one of our most popular.

Sandalwood & Myrrh: Considered sacred in some parts of the world, we started with classic sandalwood—the trees of which retain their fragrance for decades. Since we were already doing the sacred thing, we tossed in some frankincense and myrrh for a woodsy, mild scent that’s surprisingly sophisticated with just a hint of spice.

Campfire Charcoal: You know that smoky scent you catch on your clothes after sitting around the campfire? This smells exactly like that. A combination of cedarwood, fir needle and cade essential oils distilled from the actual elements capture the forest precisely, while charcoal lends cleansing power. A charred scent that outdoorsy types will be addicted to. Made entirely with organic ingredients.

Smoke & Clove: For the adventurous when it comes to scent. This spicy and intriguing bar blends Indian cloves with cade essential oil distilled from aged wood for a truly smoky finish. Fresh goat milk delivers a rich lather and leaves your skin feeling well-conditioned.

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