Mountaineer Pack

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Clean air, without the climb.

Equal parts earthy, clean and refreshing—this combo will transport you to wide open places where the air is crisp and your senses can roam free.

mountaineer pack of soaps for men

Four full-size bars included:

Pine Tar & Lemongrass: Pine tar soap has been used for hundreds of years to cleanse naturally, treat skin ailments, moisturize, and even prevent bug bites. So you know… if it ain’t broke. We did, however, add some lemongrass and balsam for a fresh, woodsy scent, so you’ll smell as good as you’ll feel.

Bourbon Sandalwood: Here’s a toast to timeless sandalwood, updated with notes of aged oak barrel. Amber and spice round out a clean, sophisticated scent that’s both confident and low-key. Shea butter creates a rich lather and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

Cedarwood & Citrus: Waking up and chilling out aren’t mutually exclusive. This popular, entirely organic fave starts with the calming scent of cedarwood, the healing properties of which date back centuries. Citrus notes of lemongrass and orange awaken your senses, while petitgrain and sage lend their soothing qualities, for a perfect balance of energy and ease.

Tobacco Blossom: This slightly powdery, slightly floral soap is one of our signature scents - owing to the unique and surprisingly subdued fragrance of the flowering tobacco plant, long prized for incredible blossoms. Shea butter produces a rich lather while red clay helps to detoxify your skin. A must smell.

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