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Sandalwood & Myrrh Beard Oil

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From a light stubble to a full-fledged ZZ Top - our beard oil was made to master even the most stubborn facial hair, smoothing and softening your scruff.

A formula infused with premium oils absorbs easily, helping to exfoliate and nourish the skin underneath with no greasy residue - leaving you with a face that feels great and a beard that looks like it belongs there.

Our Sandalwood & Myrrh scent is inspired by the wise men. Considered sacred in some parts of the world, we started with classic sandalwood - the trees of which retain their fragrance for decades. Since we were already doing the sacred thing, we tossed in some frankincense and myrrh for a woodsy, mild scent that’s surprisingly sophisticated with just a hint of spice.

sandalwood myrrh beard balm

1 oz beard oil

Blend of premium oils, for a great balance of fast and medium absorption

Tames and smoothes coarse facial hair

Nourishes skin underneath while refining skin texture

Easily absorbs and leaves a lightweight, non-greasy feel

For all skin types

Coconut oil

Argan oil

Jojoba oil

Apricot kernel oil

Grape seed oil

Sweet almond oil

Hemp oil

Rosemary extract


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