Mint Condition 4-Pack
The Freshman 4-pack of natural soap for men - peppermint tea tree
The freshman 4-pack of natural soap for men - Spearmint Eucalyptus soap bar
Mint Condition 4-Pack
exfoliate soap for men by Bearsville Soap Company

Mint Condition 4-Pack


When simply smelling straight-up fresh is the most important thing, these four soaps deliver minty scents to reenergize your senses: Orange & Spearmint, Peppermint Tea Tree, Spearmint Eucalyptus and Peppermint Scrub.

Four full size 5-oz bars are included:

Natural fresh citrus soap for men by Bearsville Soap Company

Orange & Spearmint: Awaken your day with this refreshing combination of two contrasting scents. Sweet orange and crisp spearmint are blended for an unexpected scent that is energizing and sophisticated.


peppermint tea tree soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanyPeppermint Tea Tree: Prominent peppermint notes with a mixture of tea tree promise a cool and exhilarating shower. Ground peppermint leaves are added as a natural exfoliant. 

Fresh scent spearmint and eucalyptus soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanySpearmint Eucalyptus: Refreshing peppermint is blended with clarifying eucalyptus for a decidedly clean, bold and aromatic experience.

exfoliating peppermint scrub soapPeppermint & Cypress Scrub: Scrub down with this exfoliating bar that has crisp notes of mint, cypress and eucalyptus. Leaves skin feeling fresh with zeolite clay, exfoliating apricot kernel powder and enriching oils like abyssinian and camellia.