The Coal Miner 4-Pack

Experience the power of the dark side with these four activated charcoal soaps. Activated charcoal is used in natural soaps for its cleansing qualities and adsorptive powers.

When charcoal is activated, there are pockets in the carbon - and when it makes contact with contaminants, they get trapped in these carbons pores. Through this process,  impurities and toxins are drawn away from your skin, and you're left feeling clean.

Four full sized 5 oz. bars are included:

orignal charcoal soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanyOriginal Charcoal: This is our first and purest charcoal soap. It has tons of activated charcoal packed in - and is fragrance free - so you can focus on its simple and effective cleansing qualities.

peppermint charcoal soap for men from Bearsville Soap CompanyPeppermint Charcoal: A most cleansing and clarifying experience. Charcoal cleanses your skin, and essential oils of peppermint and tea tree deliver a cool and exhilarating wash. You’ll feel clean - and your senses will be refreshed.

lavender charcoal soap for men by Bearsville Soap CompanyLavender Charcoal: The power of charcoal delivers a maximum cleansing of your skin, while hints of lavender soothes you. You’ll get the perfect balance of cleansing power combined with a calming scent.

best smelling charcoal soap for men Spiced Charcoal Soap by Bearsville Soap CompanySpiced Charcoal: The cleansing power of charcoal combined with our most alluring and sensual scent. Clean and fresh with spicy and woodsy notes. Like a quality men's fragrance: unmistakably masculine and confident.

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