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Lumberjack 4-Pack
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Lumberjack 4-Pack


Smell like you’ve been chopping wood.

Now you can get that lumberjack aura, without even grabbing an axe. Truly inspired by the forest, these four soaps—Cedar Scrub, Pine Tar & Balsam, Forest Fir and Woodland Musk—deliver the best scents of the woodlands right into your shower.

lumberjack pack of soaps

Four full-size, 5 oz soaps are included:

Cedar Scrub: A hard-working, highly exfoliating bar, this one captures the scent of freshly cut wood thanks to the earthy essential oils of cedarwood, balsam, pine and sandalwood. Extra pumice makes it great for a deeper clean.

Pine Tar & Balsam: Pine tar soap has been used for hundreds of years to cleanse naturally, treat skin ailments, moisturize, and even prevent bug bites. So you know… if it ain’t broke. We did, however, add some balsam and citrus for a fresh, woodsy scent.

Forest Fir: Start your day with the freshest scent in the forest. This organic soap uses essential oils distilled from fir needles for their unmistakable scent. Woodsy, fresh, earthy - and 100% organic. With rich shea butter for a luxe lather.

Woodland Musk: Amber and spice meet with subtle notes of tobacco for a scent that’s confident and well rounded—one part woodsy, one part cigar bar, entirely alluring. Fresh goats milk and shea butter combine for the richest and most moisturizing lather.