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March 05, 2018

While you may know that washing with our natural soaps is better for your body, another great benefit is for the environment and the air that we breath.

Many commercial deodorants, perfumes and soaps are fouling up the air with a very dangerous form of pollution - comparable to emissions from cars and trucks.

That's the finding from a study published recently in the journal Science. Researchers discovered that petroleum based chemicals in these commercial products can emit as much air pollution in volatile organic compounds ("V.O.C.s") as vehicles do.

These V.O.C.s react with other particles in the air to create the foundation of smog which can scar the lungs and cause asthma. They also react with another type of pollution (PM2.5), which is linked to lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes. 

While regulators have been forcing auto manufacturers to reduce emissions.This means the share of pollutants from hair products, pesticides and commercial soap is on the rise, and these invisible pollutants are becoming more and more noticeable.

These V.O.C.s in everyday products - even minor amounts - end up in the atmosphere. The products we chose to use each day are continually changing the composition of our atmosphere.

Let's chose products that aren't reliant on chemicals, those that are made from organic raw our natural soaps!

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